Spartan WayOverall fitness of your mind is the ultimate aim of Andrew’s personal fitness sessions.

After a preliminary analyses,  Andrew determines your weak areas, strengthen the body parts that require attention to achieve total muscular balance. Expensive fitness equipment is not necessary.

Body, Mind and Spirit – We must look at ourselves as a whole:  Body, Mind and Spirit.
To have a healthier life, we need to have a balance between our body, mind and spirit.  We know that thoughts are effecting our bodies, but we also need to believe that we can accomplish our desires, learn new knowledge, grow and evolve, overcome fear, heel, conquer stress and live to the fullest with a healthy balance. Not only positive thinking can effect us, but also eating healthy is necessary for healthy living.
Andrew can help you to understand your body, mental and emotional state and help you to live a happy and healthy life through his personal training techniques.

Relaxation & Flexibility – Relaxation is the most important aspect of your physical and mental being and Andrew will teach you now to reach this level.  Andrew helps you COMMIT TO YOURSELF and teaches you the proper and thorough way to relax using Yoga exercises and breathing techniques which will result in improved flexibility and core strength.

“If you can learn to relieve your mind and body from strain and effort, you are on your way to a healthy life.”

Sport Training – Andrew’s goal is to restore your body and mind to its former healthy condition after an injury or accident through training and therapy guidance.  Andrew is skilled at helping with back and neck pain, stress related problems and sport injuries.

High Performance Athletes – Andrew’s clients include famous world class athletes: hockey players, runners, rowers, cyclists, fencers, and others. Even high performance athletes have a margin of fitness that can be improved to achieve “Top” performance.

Endurance – Cardiovascular exercises are done mainly outdoors in the 60 acres of beautiful Muskoka forest.  We do not use cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills etc. but rather a unique variety of cross training such as running, walking, snowshoeing, kayaking, biking.  This ensure your mind stays exercised as well as the body.

After testing one’s cardiovascular system, Andrew designs an individual personal program that improves endurance by combining long performances, sprint performances, intervals, and anything in between!

Pre/Post Birth Exercise – Andrew’s new area of focus is pre-birth fitness for expectant mothers during pregnancy and after-birth exercise programs that generate a mother’s return to pre-pregnancy core strength.

Youth Training – Many young sports enthusiasts are coached by Andrew to allow for performances at higher levels in young person’s chosen sport.

Andrew can help you achieve the condition you desire if you are underweight or overweight.

Improved physical fitness helps to gain energy and new pride in one’s self. Contact Andrew Urban Personal Training and let him show you how to get motivated towards your achievement of long term fitness.

Here are some of the nice things clients have to say:

At 43, after a 5-year retirement, I had this crazy dream to make a big comeback to the NHL! Well, that dream came true because of you!
First lesson you taught me was to forget about my age and stay focused on the goal; making it back to where I belonged…The Show!
During our months spent in the mountains of Utah and the desert of Arizona, I learned leading edge training techniques,...

Claude Lemieux

I am writing to recommend Andrew Urban as a Personal Trainer for both physical and mental strength and conditioning.

I have trained under numerous trainers over the years and have never had the results physically or mentally that I did with Andrew. I was introduced to Andrew by a friend Brad May who was playing in the NHL at the time, he told me there is nobody better than Andrew,...

Mel Woolsey

Andrew Urban Training is nothing like I have ever experienced elsewhere. As a hockey player, I need strength, power, agility but most importantly muscular endurance. Andrew specifically trained me to develop in these areas. He added another level by incorporating drills to improve my athletic ability through mental awareness and absolute focus. Andrew taught me that your strongest attribute has to be your mind. If you think you...

Stuart Percy,Toronto Maple Leafs First Round Pick
25th Overall 2011 NHL Draft


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